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“The Work of His Hands: Targeting Your Spiritual Gifts” brings you to a new understanding of the Holy Spirit and His gifts. It is a true inspiration and invitation to the reader to yield and listen to the Holy Spirit. The author shares many personal experiences with God that come to life on the pages. I didn’t want the book to end
Susanne Matteson
“The Work of His Hands: Targeting Your Spiritual Gifts” is a wonderful book about what it’s like to truly trust God with your life. After inviting Christ into my heart years ago, I was left with the question, “Now what?” With this book, I have the foundation to pursue my spiritual gifts and a life guide to share and inspire others!
Aubrey Ann
I purchased and gifted your book to my mom after she suffered horrible burns on her body. She absolutely LOVES this book! It has helped her tremendously during her healing process, inspiring her and giving her good perspective and has helped her see the many ways God touches her life. Thank you for writing this!
Kristyne Hebert
When you read this book, it will awaken a new desire within for more of the Holy Spirit. It takes you on an amazing journey to learn how you also can have and experience the wonderful gifts of the Holy Spirit. It grabs you from the first page, and tells of some of the author’s personal experiences and stories of supernatural encounters. It teaches, guides and shows us how to find and exercise our own spiritual gifts that are a promise from God to every believer.
Dorene Marino
I LOVE this book! The personal stories draw you in, and it was awesome to see the Holy Spirit work in the life of the author and her family. It makes me excited to see what God will do in my life and what my God-given destiny will be. The workbook is very helpful in targeting your personal spirituals gifts. It opened my eyes to see life in a new way! I highly recommend “The Work of His Hands: Targeting Your Spiritual Gifts” to anyone wanting to learn more about spiritual gifts and how to move in them.
Annette Hoegner

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