The Work of His Hands – Targeting Your Spiritual Gifts

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“Then, after doing all those things, I will pour out my Spirit upon all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy. Your old men will dream dreams, and your young men will see visions. In those days I will pour out my Spirit even on servants—men and women alike.

– Joel 2:28-29 (NLT)


The book The Work of His Hands: Targeting Your Spiritual Gifts is a must read for those who truly want to know God in an intimate way. It’s timing in my life, after close to forty years in ministry, was at a right-on-time moment. If you are searching for answers concerning the Holy Spirit and His spiritual gifts, this is the book for you!
Bishop Keith Conard
Faith Evangelical Center, Leavenworth, KS—Senior Pastor Anchor Bay
The Work of His Hands: Targeting Your Spiritual Gifts is eloquently written and masterfully tells the journey of how God puts his super on our natural. This book is a practical guide to learn, grow, and exercise our walk in the gifts of His Holy Spirit in the human story. Not only will it inspire you with the ways in which God uses His people, but it also provides a challenging road map and tools to take your own journey in discovering the ways in which God wants to use your life. A tremendous resource in taking a very complex topic and breaking it down to a very applicable level, The Work of His Hands: Targeting Your Spiritual Gifts not only shows how the Holy Spirit will use ordinary people but provides direction for you personally to step out in faith in the realms He will awaken within you.
Tom Hammel
Executive Administrator for SoCal Network Assemblies of God
As I’ve read through The Work of His Hands: Targeting Your Spiritual Gifts, Linda Triska’s well-written and very interesting story, I realized over and over again the power of a testimony. I can only imagine how the strength of this work will continue for decades. Generations will read and be moved by its content. The truth is, one will realize the possibility that they too have all the gifts available for their own lives. The additional short stories included toward the end of the book will also bless you. I know the Lord will use this book to activate lives both now and for generations to come. Linda’s life journey is one to be admired exemplifying a life of strength, hope, and love. Enjoy and glean as Holy Spirit leads you to new possibilities for your life from this book and from its workbook as well.
Nellie LaBouef
Aglow International—Area President & Southwest Coastal Region
This book, The Work of His Hands, Targeting Your Spiritual Gifts, is a wonderful tapestry of God’s promised breakthrough and the power of our testimony. Along with connecting with and journeying through Linda’s personal story, you will also gain unusual insight and revelatory impartation to gain the promises of God in your life today! This is truly a life’s work, filled with stories and truths that will not only challenge you but will convict you to gain greater growth and forge a closer relationship with God and with His Holy Spirit.
Th.D Pastor Ben Lim
Ben Lim Ministries His Way Life Church—Los Angeles, CA
In The Work of His Hands: Targeting Your Spiritual Gifts, Linda Triska dives deep into the supernatural and inspires readers to hunger for more of the Lord and more for His empowerment needed for the times we live in. You will be inspired by Linda’s personal story of encountering the Lord and being overcome by His Spirit, and you will be given keys on the gifts of the Holy Spirit which will help target your own spiritual gifts. You will also read incredible stories of visitations of the Lord Jesus and His holy angels. In the day and age which we are living, many are longing for more than mere information. Many are longing for a true encounter with God and His Kingdom in the power of the Holy Ghost. As you read this new exciting book, you will walk away with both the desire and the faith to step into a new dimension of the supernatural for yourself and your ministry.
Stephen Powell
Evangelist Lion of Light Ministries—Pineville, NC